How to buy real estate property in Nepal

If you have earned a decent amount of money, you should invest it in real estate property in Nepal. In the context of Nepal, real estate is the best and safest option to invest your hard-earned money.

There are two main reasons why to invest in land or in real estate projects. The first reason is to build a house and the second is to sell it at a profit. The purpose of those who commercially deal in real estate is only one, which is to make a profit and sell it.

How to get profit after investing in a real estate project in Nepal?

Real estate professionals say that you need to have some knowledge to make a profit when investing in real estate. They say that many things can be learned while working in a business with basic knowledge.

Entrepreneurs have some basic knowledge about the financial management method for the real estate sector, the rental strategy, the amount to invest, and where to invest.

Seasoned real estate entrepreneurs have also warned that even if you can earn higher returns later by buying low-value property, you may incur losses rather than big profits by buying land in a place where the price is skyrocketing.

New comer entrepreneurs should pay attention to this, as they can gain more knowledge than they have through ongoing discussions and dialogues with real estate experts. Experts say that more attention should be paid to the profit that can be made from it than to the attractiveness of the property.

As the current age is the age of information technology, experts suggest that information technology should be used to buy a real estate property in Nepal.

You have to look at all the assets for sale and make a decision based on your knowledge and expert advice. It also makes it easier for investors. You can find a place to give good returns online.

The most important thing to make a big profit when investing in real estate is to choose a developing place. It is not possible to make a good profit by investing in the developed areas and the return is also good when investing in the areas that are being developed, are under construction and are touched by the maps of various projects.

“To get high returns, you need to invest in developing areas, where the value of the land can increase, not today, but in the future,” says a real estate entrepreneur. There is huge investment compared to the profit in return. ‘

Entrepreneurs have the experience of investing in the proposed area around the new city under construction, declared an industrial zone, a tourist zone and various development projects.

How to find trusted agent to buy real estate property in Nepal ?

Buying a land and real estate property in Nepal is always tough task for the ordinary investor who does not have any knowledge about real estate.  It is always difficult to take right decision while buying real estate property in Nepal. It depends on the real estate you want to buy and who the seller is.

When you’re a real estate buyer, it’s best to look into the background of your agent reputation and get on with it. One of the reasons for this is that when buying a house and land, you get used to the whole legal process before you get to the payment and how to get it from whom, which will make your buying process easier.

If the seller is a ‘person’, you should hire a good lawyer for the process including ‘due diligence’ etc. Before you get to the transaction payment. At the moment, doing all of this may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, in the long run you will find that the decision to do so was a wise one.

Which broker to choose?

There have been many systematic means of buying and selling real estate property in Nepal in recent years. Now we have a series of real estate agents or agencies that offer information about their services through the Internet, especially aimed at the main centers or cities of the real estate business. However, don’t pick any of these at random.

How to choose a broker?

Everyone hopes that the process of finding the house and land they want will be as easy as possible or that the house and land will be easily found. The most reliable way to help is with the broker of your choice, who keeps up with the market. So get as many real estate offers as possible from an agent and evaluate and analyze them to make the most profitable decision.

For example, before you buy an agent, get as much information about the agent as possible. Ask someone for a referral to a good agent. Ask family and friends to suggest if there is a good agent who has worked for them.

If the real estate agency is licensed by the government to operate the service, understand if it is ready to provide the service immediately or when you need it. Make sure that all commitments you make can be fulfilled by a written agreement.

Do not start or pay the agent in advance. You may be at a disadvantage if you don’t buy or sell real estate from that agent.

How much commission to pay the agent?

When real estate is negotiated through commercial real estate agents in Nepal, they usually charge 3 to 5 percent of the amount of the deal. It has been found that it is less than 3 percent in the purchase and sale of real estate in large quantity or quantity. However, these fees may not apply to transactions through traditional brokers.

Since real estate transactions through traditional agents are not transparent and with a written commitment, the possibility that the fees charged by them or the fees paid to them is not as real as it seems. However, the traditional agent fee rate is now 5 percent of the average transaction amount. is a buy and sell related platform where we cover real estate, digital marketing, and job-related topics on our blog.

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