how to find job in uae

If you are trying to find a job in UAE then you are just visited the perfect website for you.  As we all know finding a job in the UAE is not that easy nowadays. Specially Jobs related to the service sector are very competitive.

Applying for one such job can get tricky. There are various steps to winning the job hunt, all of which need to be considered, and each move that you make is vital towards making your dream work. If you’re looking to enter the workforce in UAE, this guide has something to offer everyone, with essential advice on putting together the perfect resume and deciding what kind of career path would suit you best.

how to find a job in uae

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Job hunting tips 

It’s a natural assumption that trying to find a job in UAE is always an easy task. However, for every successful candidate out there, there are more who didn’t even make it to their first job due to not having the right preparation. The list of requirements and procedures for the job can be overwhelming.

You may feel the pressure to choose the right career path because your friends are already placed and they seem to have the perfect jobs while you are left with no work. It can be a confusing time when you have no clue what to do. Here are some tips that can help you find your way to the job of your dreams.

Know the kind of job you are looking for

This is not just a question to ask, but also an important aspect to consider. You may have only a vague idea of what you want. You should definitely focus on the kind of job that is realistic and obtainable by you.

While you may think the dream job you saw on television is too far-fetched and hard to reach, it could be the gateway that leads you to your dream job. If you fail to make this decision, you may regret the rest of your life.

Think about your interests and skills

While this is a job that you can’t learn all at once, the experience and confidence gained through work will be your greatest asset. You need to see this as a journey and not as a job you are trying to outgrow.

You need to also think about what your interests are so that you can look for jobs that will strengthen them. The following is a list of skills and interests you should consider while looking for jobs.

Physical or mechanical skills 

It is best to start off with one type of skill such as carpentry, welding, or mechanics. This will make you more appealing to companies. Remember that experience is necessary for these jobs.

Language skills

This can be a challenge, especially when you only have a few languages you know. The person who speaks more than one languages have higher possibilities to find job in UAE than who speaks only one language. However, that doesn’t mean you should not apply. Look for a job that will let you translate what is going on around you. For example, if you are a nurse, be sure to translate what is going on in the intensive care unit or the emergency room.

Creativity and imagination 

To find a job in UAE one must have creativity and imagination. These are two of the most important traits that companies look for in an employee. Take art classes or seek out a creative outlet to keep your mind sharp.

Management skills

while it is important to work with others, you also need to know how to direct and manage others. Take classes in this subject to show your employers you can follow directions and know how to manage a team.

Customer Service 

this is one of the most sought after jobs by companies. Whether you are getting ready to launch a company or want to start working as a customer service representative, look for a job that will give you a chance to help customers and make a difference in their lives.


while you don’t need a lot of courage to work in customer service, it is important that you know what you are getting into and be willing to take on risks. While it can be hard to start over and make a name for yourself, do not be afraid to try. Working in a call center or answering questions is often just what one wants to do in life.


The willingness to overcome the obstacle and take a chance to find success is sometimes all it takes to get ahead. These people who have the courage to work in customer service can make a lot of money and are always needed. Let’s face it, there are a lot of jobs in customer service. You need to be well informed about which ones pay the most and know how to take advantage of the opportunities they give you.

How to find Job in UAE ?

There are many ways you can find job in UAE. You can hire a person or agency to help you look for a job in Dubai. It is most economical way to find job in UAE.

A large number of job vacancies and jobs in Dubai are published on their website. If you are ready to spend few hours in searching then you can surely hire a person to help you.

To find a job in UAE you should regularly check website like Naukri Gulf, Gulf Talen, and LinkedIn are the most reliable to find job In UAE. is a buy and sell related platform where we cover real estate, digital marketing, and job-related topics on our blog.

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