Azad visa of Qatar is a type of visa issued by the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. It gives its holder the ability to live and work freely in Qatar, and any other country that has a bilateral agreement with the government. Here is an overview of everything you need to know about your Azad visa.

The price for Azad visa of Qatar and service fee has set a visa application fee for all visas, regardless of the type and amount of your application. Your visa application will be submitted to a public bank and the processing fee is based on your nationality.

The maximum fee for Indian nationals is Rs. 30, 000 and the minimum fee is Rs. 2, 000 for Pakistani nationals. Other than that, the processing fee will be Rs. 300 for other nationalities. The service fee varies from Rs. 10, 000 to Rs. 15, 000 depending on the time of submission of your visa application.

Requirements for issuance of a Qatari Azad visa Since the Azad visa is a specific type of visa, you will have to fulfill certain requirements to apply for one. These include an application form in the provided documents, which should be filled out correctly and legally as per the country’s requirements.

You will have to provide your passport details, which will be examined carefully before approval of the visa. You will have to have an option for one round trip ticket or 3 air tickets depending on the reason for visit and stay.

You will have to submit other required documents with your application and pay the requisite fees for processing. Azad visa holders will have to go through two separate procedures at the Doha Airport.

First, there will be a Customs and Border Control check, after which you will proceed to the immigration service. Since there is no Qatari law for this visa, it will be issued by a government official.

Azad visa of Qatar

Is it possible to find job with holding Azad visa of Qatar ? 

There are many people out there that wish to move overseas in order to get a job. Here, we will discuss some of the most useful tips for moving and working in Qatar, which might help you to make the transition a lot smoother than you thought possible.

Some people move Qatar to find a job and to make more money, but that is not always the case. Be sure that this is what you are doing so that you don’t get tricked into doing things that will only work against you.

If this is something that you are planning on doing, then there are a few things that you need to know first.

You will want to make sure that your Visa/Residence permit is valid and working as it should. If you are moving with holding Azad visa of Qatar then can’t find a job, then it will be difficult for you to stay there. It is a good idea to move there with plans to get a job and make money, but without having to worry about being there illegally or not having the proper paperwork.

You should also research the local laws. This can give you an idea of how and where to buy a home, how long it takes to get hired and what is and isn’t allowed in the country.

How to apply for Azad visa in Qatar ? Easiest way !

If you want to go Qatar with holding an Azad visa, then there is an another easiest way you can try.

  • Contact your friends or relative currently working in Qatar.
  • Choose a profession as per your qualification. Visa will be provided accordingly. 
  • Ask your friend in Qatar to buy a regular working visa for you. Buying a working visa in Qatar easier than your country. 
  • Verify working visa with your embassy in Qatar if needed. For Nepalese citizens, you always need to get a permission from Nepali Embassy in order to send visa to Nepal.

How to research companies in Qatar

There are a number of companies in Qatar. Having an Azad visa of Qatar with you can be more easier to find job in the country. In this article, we will give you a detailed guide on how to research different companies in Qatar, as well as tips and hints that can help you find the right fit for your professional needs.

When choosing a company, there are four major things that you need to consider:  The place of work, Working hours, Salary, and Benefits. Pay is set by company policy, so it is important to go through the different companies’ websites and find out what their policies are. Some companies offer different benefits, which you can review before signing a contract.

Tip: When applying for jobs in Qatar, it is best to visit their websites and see what they are offering and the job specifications before going through an official portal like The Work Qatar.

There are a number of companies in Qatar that provide very good salaries and benefits as well as medical care insurance coverage, which can be an advantage.

Salary and benefits expectations in Qatar

How much will you be paid to work in Qatar?

For many, working in Qatar is all about going where the money is – a country famous for it’s huge wealth and deep pockets. As a consequence, salaries in Qatar are generally on the higher end.

In fact, nearly two-thirds of recruiters report they pay the salary they request to candidates sent to them. This high demand makes it difficult to find a job as a technical expert in Qatar. Salaries are usually quite competitive and salaries for entry-level roles are often similar to or even higher than salaries offered in other places.

What do you get paid for in Qatar?

As is the case in most places, salary in Qatar is not always reflective of the work performed. However, salaries in Qatar are a topic of much debate because the country lacks an official minimum wage and is thus subject to international criticism. Those who wish to move to Qatar can expect to start at a slightly higher salary than someone who is already there.

Basic Salary with Azad visa of Qatar.

Though Qatar has little or no minimum wage, there are some important factors you should consider before moving. Salaries in Qatar are lower than those found in many other nations. In fact, nearly two-thirds of recruiters report they pay the salary they request to candidates sent to them.

One of the biggest factors influencing salaries in Qatar is whether a job applicant already has a job in Qatar. You may receive a salary in Qatar but it won’t be what you might expect.

According to the International Living Wage website, Salaries in Qatar are highly dependent on an individual’s previous salary, professional experience and position within a company. If you are hired for a relatively low salary it’s important to be aware that your income will remain low unless your employer grants you a raise.

With that said, salaries in Qatar vary greatly and depending on your career path and current level of experience, you may earn considerably more than the average salary in Qatar. Salaries in Qatar vary greatly, but average salaries range from QAR4, 000 to QAR13, 500. As is the case with many other nations, most employers set their own salary ranges.

Since Qatar is a relatively small country, most government service sector jobs are filled by local citizens. This means you may experience numerous salary changes as your employer considers the best offer for your specific position.

Salary by Job Title

Salary by Industry As a contractor, your salary will be determined by the type of contract you are offered as well as your experience. Contracts vary greatly, with some paying extremely well while others offer little or no income.

The type of contract that you are offered will determine the amount you earn. If you are not the highest-paid employee on your company’s staff then it is likely that you will receive a salary equal to or slightly less than the second most paid employee. Do you know what an employee at the second highest salary would earn? Find out with Salary Expert when looking for your next job in Qatar. is a buy and sell related platform where we cover real estate, digital marketing, and job-related topics on our blog.

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