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Are you looking for a good Ghaderi in Dang for your future house? We provide broker-free real estate service in Dang. This plot is located between Madan Bhandari Memorial School and Shahid Krishnasen Ichchhuk Polytechnic Institute.

Price of Land

  • Price of Land Per Hat:  Rs. 150,000
  • Length: 40 Hat (Approx. 18.19 Meter)
  • Width: Can be provided according to your requirement.

Ghorahi Dang real estate business

Features of the plots

  • Fully pitched Road
  • here are paved roads all around.
  •  You can build a house immediately.
  • There is a beautiful settlement nearby.
  • There is a Dang international cricket stadium located nearby.
  • There is a beautiful reservoir nearby.
  •  Length is 40 cubits in all
  • The third road is 7 meters wide
  • Price will be provided at the company’s rate.

If you want to purchase or sell anything in Dang. Than please contact us.

Dang real estate sell and buy buysewa.com


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