Are you searching for a way to become rich in Nepal?  There are thousands of people in Nepal who have the same interest, how to make money? How to get happiness? Many want to make as much money as possible through legal means. Some succeed, some fail. Some even want to make money illegally with way.

People of underdeveloped countries like Nepal think, – Let’s send our children to a good school, have a small house of our own, get better treatment when we are sick. Let there be prestige in society. Many have the same desire.

But making money is not that easy in Nepal. It requires some new thinking and methods. Here we have listed the top ten business ideas that can make you rich in Nepal in the fastest way.

Bakery production and distribution business in Nepal.

The bakery productions and distribution business are one of the easiest and low budgeting businesses in Nepal. Bakery items such as bread, cakes, doughnut, croissants, tarts, cookies, pasta, macaroni, chocolate brownies, bread rolls, and buns are becoming very popular nowadays in Nepali.

become rich in Nepal with bakery production business in Nepal

Bakery products have good profit margins. Bakery production can also be done by taking basic training or learning from YouTube. People who have returned from working in a bakery production company abroad can also be hired. The future of this business looks very bright due to the growing attraction towards bakeries in Nepal.

To setup bakery production shop in Nepal is required roughly 1 million Nepali rupees. There are many bakery cafés in Kathmandu who make more than 2 lakh per month net profit. Our best suggestion you to invest in bakery item production if you want to become rich in Nepal.

Interior Design Business in Nepal

Slowly but slightly, Nepal is moving towards modernity. Foreign style houses and offices are being constructed everyday in Nepal.  More and more people are looking for a good interior design as the decoration and texture of the interior of a good house or office will enhance the beauty of the house and office.

become rich in Nepal with Interior Design Business in Nepal

In this begging time, if you invest your money Interior Design business in Nepal, we will never have to look back again. This is the business can be done with acquiring basic training.

Business can be developed into a good business in the long run. Since the fee for interior design is determined by you, how much money you earn is in your own hands. Currently, this work is being developed as a new and attractive work in Nepal. And this is one of the that can make you become rich in Nepal overnight.

Toy production Business

There is a huge market for toys for children. Dolls in particular are in high demand. Dolls are loved by children for reasons such as non-injury, durability and durability. Other than that any other kind of toy sells well. So starting a toy manufacturing and distribution industry is a good start.

You can purchase toy manufacturing machine from Alibaba. There are lot of cheaper machines but for long term, you can choose durable machine. Not only machine, you can also order raw materials like; cutting machine, sewing machine, pattern, fabric, eyes and noses.

Starting a this kind of business may not have planned by many people in Nepal. Because of a difficulty in finding manufacturing machine there are not that much industries open in this niche. So, if you want to become rich in Nepal just start investing in this business  there is not much competition involved in this industry.

Online Product Selling Business in Nepal

You may not believe this but, online product selling business is one of the fastest growing business in Nepal. Even traditions Nepali business people have started doing this kind of business.

Due to the rapid development in the telecommunication sector, people all over the country can now get access to the internet. Their buying habits are slowly changing toward Online platform even in village area.

Remember, any goods can be sold online. For that you can sell your goods by opening seller accounts in big ecommerce companies like Daraz, Bizbazar or you can even make your own website to sell specific products. To become rich in Nepal, you need new ways rather than big investment.

Online tutorial or Online Teaching Business

Due to the Covid-19, Online teaching job has flourished in Nepal. Students are preferring Online tuition class rather than traditional one. In this online teaching filed Nepali web portal like mero school are doing great.

You can start your online teaching website just in around one lakh rupees. All you need to do is have marketing skill or hire someone expert in digital marketing.

Every person has some talent, knowledge or characteristic. In this way, you can make online tutorials on the knowledge you have. You can provide some courses for free so that you can charge fees for premium course.

Car And Bike Washing Service

One time investment and all time money. This business is one of the best busines to become rich in Nepal. You do not have to invest too much money in this business.

The number of cars and bikes in any city of Nepal is significant. Vehicle clearing service does not require any large or very complex equipment. You can rent a small shutter or terrace on the side of a busy road and start the work with a sign board. But getting regular customers requires good service as well as patience.

Kindergarten Business

Many parents want to take their children somewhere to entertain themselves on Fridays, Saturdays or holidays. No worries about working in the Kids Playing Zone.

Some investment is required. Materials like plastic slides, swings, floor mats, jumping bouncers should be attached for children. Children can get good and continuous work from this work by charging entrance fee or membership fee.

This kind of business can be done with hiring one or two working members.

Gift Item Selling Business

Who doesn’t want gift item nowadays ?  Greeting cards, decorating items such as Khukuri, watches, notebooks, photo albums, pencils, small statues, printed cups, wallets, purses, electronics, tires, key rings, toys or anything else can be sold as gift items.

There is no doubt that a large number of gift items will be sold on occasions like Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, New Year, New Year and New Year. Best way to sell these gifts item is Online Store.

All you can do is open your business Facebook page and start boosting products targeting your special customer in a specific area. One customer started buying your product online, no one can stop you from become rich in Nepal.

Become YouTuber

There is no business in the world that can make you rich without investment like YouTube does. Seriously ! If you want to become rich in Nepal than start making videos for YouTube. I am not suggesting you to do what nowadays so called “YouTube Patrakars” are doing.

But you have have nice videography and video editing skill, you can start working now. In the context of online platform there is not only YouTube that helps you to become rich in Nepal but, there are so many online business that can be done without any investment in Nepal. Here we have another article about business that not require any investment. is a buy and sell related platform where we cover real estate, digital marketing, and job-related topics on our blog.

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