If you are looking for a good profit-making business in Nepal in a short time, then you should start doing the real estate business in Nepal. The reason why real estate-related business is flourishing in Nepal is that people feel secure in their investment in this sector.

Acquiring fresh land and making a theme small plot can be good business. In this time of information and technology, you can start this business by just opening a Facebook page. Here we have listed some of the best ideas on how to start a real estate business in Nepal without investing money.

Nowadays, land buying and selling businesses have become extremely active on Facebook. If you want to start a real estate business in Nepal you do not have to worry about buying or selling it. You can also buy or sell real estate by providing information on the real estate business Facebook page.

If you search a similar type of Facebook page, there are more than half a dozen real estate related pages are active. Where you can easily post to buy or sell.

Real estate business in Nepal

How can you start real estate business in Nepal Online ?

If you really want to sell your house and land via online platform or you want to start real estate business in Nepal with the help of Online marketing then you have to follow these Facebook page actively.

Ghar Jagga Nepal

Ghar Jagga Nepal has been working in this field  for a long time to buy and sell real estate in a way that there is a direct link between buying and selling land. Claiming to be the first real estate selling company in Nepal, Real Estate Nepal has more than 827,000 Facebook users with thousands of likes and thousands of followers on its Facebook page.

This page is also considered as a quick way to advertise the sale of real estate. The page charges from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500.

This page takes 5 to 10 days to post ads with sponsors after posting on Facebook.

If someone wants to sell their house or land through Facebook, the organization will go to the place where the house and land is located, take photos, make videos, take details and collect advertisement fee and advertise.

Real estate business in Nepal

Real Estate Market

A Facebook page called Real Estate Market is also a one of the most popular page in Nepal which can be trusted for real estate business in Nepal. This page has been working to buy and sell real estate online through Facebook. This page has been active in buying and selling real estate for some time now. More than 29,000 people have followed and liked it.

The owner of the page goes to bring photos, videos and information of the land and house and post it on the Facebook page. The page, which does not charge any fee for posting on Facebook, charges a commission based on the percentage after the sale.

Real Estate Business Nepal

Real Estate Business Nepal is an online home buying and selling organization on Facebook. Like other Facebook pages, it sells ads online.

This page has 4,000 followers so far and more than 3,000 people have liked this page. This organization has been directly reaching the places where there is land and houses and taking advertisements with photos, videos and complete information.

The corporation has been charging more than Rs 2,000 on commission basis for selling land and houses.

Real estate business in Nepal


Rental Nepal

Rental Nepal has been selling houses and land online for a long time. It also has a Facebook page called e-Ghar Jagga. It has been distributing houses and land as well as selling rooms, flats and rented houses. The company manages to take photos of the houses, lands, rooms and flats on its own, take videos and sell them on Facebook and its website.

In this way, the information kept for sale online is to talk to its traders and take a commission of 2 to 3 percent after the sale.

Its main job is to take photos and videos of real estate and advertise them on Facebook and sell them. For some time now, this organization has been working for the sale and distribution of real estate.

Along with real estate, the Facebook page also advertises for the sale of vacant rooms and flats. This page explains why you can easily sell rooms, flats, houses and land. More than 9,000 people have followed and liked this page.  If you want to read this article in Nepali language please visit this website.

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