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Price of the land in Ghorahi Dang, How to buy real estate property in Dang ? Top 10 tips.

real estate property in Dang
Real estate property in Dang: A plot is in sell near Ghorahi Bazar

If you are thinking of buying real estate property in Dang, then you have come to the right place. We have attractive plots for sale in various places within Dang District Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis.

Our plots are suitable for building residential houses and are being sold immediately near Ghorahi market. The land is provided at the company’s rate. The electricity line has been extended on that land and the land has been chosen wisely keeping in mind the water supply facility.

Since land transactions in Ghorahi are done by hat (1 meter = 2.2 hats), the company is selling all the land at a cheap price ranging from 1 lakh rupees to 2 lakh rupees per hat. The length of the land is more than 40 hat and the width can be given according to the requirement of the customer.

Following real estate property in Dang currently being sold at a cheap rate

Near Ghorahi Bazar

If you want to buy real estate property in Dang at a cheap rate, then we have some very attractive offers for you. Near Ghorahi Bazar, between Madan Bhandari College and Saheed Krishnasen College, there are some attractive properties for sale.

The land is located at a distance of 2 km from Tulsipur Chowk  Ghorahi Dang.  Having a beautiful water reservoir and an international cricket ground nearby, the place is ideal for those who want to make an instant home. Since the place is occupied by some of the biggest technical collages of Lumbini province, the place looks suitable from a business point of view in the future as well.

real estate property in Dang
Real estate property in Dang : Beautiful plot is insell near Ghorahi Bazar, Dang

Features of the land

  • Roads are paved all around.
  • Price of the land :  Rupees 1 lakh 50 thousand per hat (1 meter = 2.2 hat)
  • A house can be built and lived in immediately.
  • Beautiful settlement nearby.
  • There is an international cricket ground nearby.
  • There is a beautiful water reservoir nearby.
  • Width of the land : can be given above 12 hat or as per the customers requirement
  • Length of the land :  40 hat (40/2.2  = 18.18 m)
  • The road is 7 meters wide
  • Price will be provided at company rate.
  • Distance from Tulsipur Chowk, Ghorahi is 2 KM
  • Contact Number: 9809567424

Ghorahi Sarara, Near Rapti engineering collage.

Beside from city and crowdy area, If you are planning to buy real estate property in Dang at cheap rate. Sarara area might be the best for you. Sarra is about 4 km from Ghorahi Bazaar.

Our plots are within about 500 meters from Ghorahi Tulsipur highway. The place, which is close to Rapti Engineering College, is completely inhabited. The price of Ghaderi will also be provided here at the company’s rate.

Real estate property in Dang
Real estate property in Dang : This beautiful plot is located at Bhawanipur, Ghorahi 16, Dang

Features of land at this location

  • The land is about 1 km from Ghorahi Tulsipur Highway.
  • Price of the land :  Rupees 1 lakh 5 thousand per hat (1 meter = 2.2 hat)
  • Near Rapti Engineering College
  • Length of the land :  40 hat (40/2.2  = 18.18 m)
  • The road is 7 meters wide
  • A house can be built and lived in immediately
  • Ghorahi Ward No. 16 Ward office is located nearby.
  • The area is surrounded by beautiful settlements
  • No problems with water and electricity
  • Fure highway damodar road is nearby
  • The road exits on both sides.
  • Flooding is never a problem.
  • Land will be provided at the rate of the company.

Sarara Besahi, Near Sarara Chowk

If you do not have that much money to buy land near Ghorahi Bazar, then you have another choice. We have a plot of land is available in Besahi Ghorahi, Dang. The area is about 2 km from Sarara Chowk.

Real estate property in Dang

Features of plot.

  • Price : Rs 85,000 per hat
  • Width: 12 Hat
  • Length : 45 Hat (More than 20 meter)
  • Overall Price : 10 lakh and 20 thousand only.
  • 100 meter inside from Sarara Nainwar Highway.

We provide broker free real estate property in Dang. If you have any inquiry about above mentioned property, please feel free to call us at our mobile number +977 9843603090 or  you can send messages us in WhatsApp +977 9843603090. Do follow our official Facebook Page for regular property posting.

Remember these 4 things before buying real estate property in Dang.

Buying a real estate property in Dang with oneself is very difficult. Anyone can be trapped by partial broker. You may ended up loosing your hard earned money to land broker. Before buying any kind of estate property in Dang, we suggest you to follow these 4 things.

Buying land as an investment

Investing in soil is also a good savings. There is a proverb in Nepali, “The king who buys land, the half of gold who buys and the donkey who buys a car” shows the passion of Nepalese people for land.

Land is necessary for people to live and cultivate. Therefore, when buying land, buy it as an investment.

See how it becomes cash tomorrow.

If people need money, they should buy land where they can easily sell it. For that, the land in a place with facilities such as sewerage, road, electricity etc. is considered very good. It is easy to sell the land bought in the place where necessary infrastructure is built.

If you buy land in a place with physical structure, the price also increases. In such a case, there is a possibility that the land can be sold for more than the purchase price. A lot of benefits can be earned from land purchased at a suitable location.

What land should not be purchased

City dwellers are buying land for building houses rather than for farming. For building a house, people should choose a place with big roads, open space and clean air and water. However, this does not apply to Nepalese living in the city.

Buying a piece of land and building a house in one place of the city is becoming more and more popular. To come home, the fish have to face many problems in transportation, sewage, drinking water and during natural disasters. If you can take care of these things before buying a ghaderi, such a problem will not occur.

What kind of land to buy for house construction

A house is built once in a lifetime. Therefore, before building or buying a house, many things need to be taken care of. At the place of buying or building a house, it is necessary to understand the conditions of major roads, electricity, telephone, open space and clean air, as well as sewerage and transportation.

In addition, it is very important to understand the neighborhood where the land is purchased for building a house. In a society where the neighborhood is evil, a new family can face many problems. is a buy and sell related platform where we cover real estate, digital marketing, and job-related topics on our blog.

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